Flagpole Installation

Please click here to download a pdf of the installation instructions.

Follow these instructions to install your EZPOLE® Classic or EZPOLE Defender flagpole.

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Tools and Materials Needed:


Step-by-Step Instructions


  1. Select flagpole location. Check for underground sprinkler water lines and
    electrical lines before you dig.
  2. Dig a 22'' hole with a tapered diameter, see diagram below.
  3. Put 2'' of gravel under base of sleeve, (Allows for drainage) tamp stone.
  4. Place aluminum sleeve (bead down) with bottom section of flagpole into place
    so cement won’t fill bottom of sleeve.
  5. Mix bag of cement and pour into hole.
  6. Mound up concrete around sleeve to allow for water runoff.
    (Add rocky fill to increase concrete volume).
  7. Use level to square vertical. Stabilize for 24 hours. Insert remaining sections.

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